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Virtual Collaboration with remote sites

Holodeck-like collaboration for remotely immersed users of Head Mounted Displays, Powerwalls, and CAVE

The next big thing for future teleprescense and remote collaboration, Virtual Reality powered collaborative spaces, is the already available in IC.IDO. For years now, enterprises using IC.IDO have been able to link remote locations for collaborative reviews through interactive sessions linking multiple locations and numerous users in a common immersive experience. 

Collaboration using IDO.Cooperate lets users from remote sites join a common immersive session from their own point of view to interactively review and experience product designs in the planned production, service, or end-use environment. To make better experience based decisions about product development, design for manufacturing, and planning for service operations. Collaboration with IC.IDO can connect desktop users, HMD wearers, and participants of CAVE or Powerwall immersive sessions. Scalability across these diverse platforms assure maximum impact of the collaboration for stakeholders across the product development enterprise.



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