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Virtual Reality for Automotive

Virtual Reality for Automotive

How does IC.IDO help OEMs to increase significantly their competitive advantage?

Automotive vendors around the world are in intense competition to deliver perfectly targeted products to their clients. Such intense competition leaves no room for failure. Time to market and meeting the highly diversified requirements and expectations at competitive prices are key for success.

IC.IDO supports customers to be:

  • Earlier, i.e. enable frontloading of validation – in particular of downstream  aspects as manufacturability and serviceability – to identify and resolve design challenges early and thus mitigate risks in the concept phase of the project
  • Faster, i.e. review and validate up to date design states instantly at minimal effort without having to wait for the next physical prototype or milestone. How many times have you been confronted with the decision to either wait or loose time or to incur additional expenses for a physical prototype? Using IC.IDO provides you with a mean to validate complex questions virtually at marginal costs and minimal lead-time. Sounds to good to be true, but 8 out of 10 top ten global OEMs are using IC.IDO realizing such benefits.
  • Cheaper, i.e. not only benefit from the speed up of the validation but simply achieve your validation goals with less physical prototyping costs. Furthermore change orders requests are incurred in an early stage of the project when the cost of a change order is by order of magnitude less compared to late ones.

Beyond classical DMU capabilities IC.IDO provides unique value for its customers in the area of immersive experience the product intent, the validation of complex dynamic manufacturability and serviceability scenarios and human factors aspects across all functions. IC.IDO steps in when DMU has reached its limit by allowing real-time experience and execution of complex scenarios at minimal investment compared to DMU, manufacturing simulation of CAE approaches.

Another vital aspect of IC.IDO is its role as a catalyst for collaboration in the car project - such a physical prototypes in the past - forcing all different stakeholders to realize design challenges and seek resolutions. However, compared to physical prototypes IC.IDO empowers agility allowing engineers to freely explore solution in very short time and at zero costs.

What differentiates IC.IDO over competitive solutions is the unique combination of efficiency and fidelity. Our customers appreciate superior time to results, better usability and robustness while the actual result generated provides more insight and depth due to our real-time simulation capabilities.

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