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Virtual Service for Commercial Vehicle and Transportation

Virtual Service for Commercial Vehicle and Transportation

Validation of serviceability and repair operation

This is the evaluation of the ease of servicing of a product based on a virtual model. This includes early hour maintenance tasks and ease of access to commonly serviced parts. Versioned representations of the product or subsystem can be validated in detail. Clearance and interference are assessed. The exploration is aided by sectioning capabilities and the ability to toggle the visibility of features.  Issues discovered are collected and communicated in a systematic manner.

The ergonomic considerations for service and repair are assessed virtually.

  • Less downtime due to inadequacy of tooling/handling devices
  • Interactive work instructions deliver enriched information to the service teams, will reduce training costs and elevate the overall quality of maintenance
  • Validate maintenance feasibility and costs already during early development stages
  • Leverage full view of maintenance requirements to improve design-for-maintainability
  • Maintain the product right the first time by designing and validating multi-disciplinary data 

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