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Virtual Service for Automotive

Virtual Service for Automotive

Aftersales functions at OEMs rely on the availability of physical prototypes or production intent products to perform their jobs. In light of simultaneous engineering/frontloading aftersales is requested to provide its input and feedback earlier – in times when they have no access to practical prototypes. To overcome that dilemma and provide the input at a time when that can be incorporated with reasonable effort aftersales departments start to perform their serviceability checks based on IC.IDO. Serviceability checks require the very same capabilities as manufacturability checks such as realistic physical behavior of solid and flexible parts in combination with human factors – capabilities that are unique to IC.IDO! In this regard IC.IDO is a Virtual Physical Prototype, available when needed throughout the new product development.

IC.IDO Virtual Service solution addresses the challenges that aftersales faces:

  • Limited access to prototypes
  • Reliance on production intent vehicles for service learning, resulting in latent risk to vehicle design when findings from aftersales validations become available
  • Limited scope of configurations –aftersales can typically only validate one configuration whereas they can validate all relevant configurations with minor preparation virtually
  • Demanding physical evaluations – such evaluations require a large effort with regard to workshop equipment, special tooling, and resources
  • Shortage of physical prototypes for training – the necessary training prior to the launch of a new car program cannot be assured given the very limited availability of physical prototypes.

IC.IDO’s Virtual Service solution supports our customers to overcome these fundamental challenges by providing a virtual environment in which they can validate and improve design for serviceability in an early stage across the entire spectrum of configuration and train the staff on the defined procedures - fast and efficiently.

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