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Virtual Service for Aeronautics and Aerospace

Virtual Service for Aeronautics and Aerospace

Virtual Service: generate tangible savings on warranty and maintenance costs by Virtual Validation of assembly and disassembly procedures at an earliest stage.

Tooling access review/ validation/ training:

  • Accelerating time to volume as adequacy of tooling is verified before ramp up
  • Reuse of standard tools and less rework of tooling to reduce the costs for special tools development
  • Less/no downtime due to inadequacy of tooling/handling devices
  • Higher throughput/shorter cycle time due to improved tooling ergonomics
  • Accelerating time to volume/faster ramp up as staffed is fully trained virtually upfront
  • Interactive work instructions deliver enriched information to the service teams, will reduce training costs and elevate the overall quality of maintenance
  • Ensure the worker safety by workflow validation and preventive familiarization 

Feasibility of maintenance, repair and overhaul operations:

  • Validate maintenance feasibility and costs already during early development stages
  • Speed-up product maturity and decrease rework costs by earliest possible proof of feasibility or pointing out problem
  • Reduction of planning times with simultaneous increasing of planning certainty by virtual review and validation of clearance issues and tool operation
  • 3D lifelike experience will add a new dimension of technical communication – establishing improved workflows and better understanding
  • Leverage full view of maintenance requirements to improve design-for-maintainability
  • Maintain the product right the first time by designing and validating multi-disciplinary data 

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