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Getting started with Head Mounted Displays and Virtual Engineering

Getting started with Head Mounted Displays and Virtual Engineering

Virtual Reality and Immersive Engineering with HMD is a graphics intensive operation that requires the appropriate hardware to power professional software applications. 

The IC.IDO Integrate and IC.IDO Build&Maintain on HMD will enable users to:

  • Experience their CAD models in an immersive environment on HMD
  • Interact with their designs in immersive virtual reality using hands and arms from a first person view
  • Simulate solid mechanics behavior in real time, with continuous simulation
  • Visualize collisions between solid objects during interactive assembly, disassembly, or service
  • Create immersive Virtual Reality content for playback in future immersive sessions
  • Participate in multi-user and/or multi-site reviews of shared immersive sessions

For starters a professional workstation running Windows 10 Professional (or Windows 7 Professional 64 bit) with professional graphics cards are required. NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards are a requirement for using IC.IDO for Virtual Reality. NVIDIA are the inventors of GPU (Graphics Processing Units) and have innovated in the use of GPU for rendering and virtual reality. ESI has worked closely with NVIDIA to provide the best VR experience for our customers. 

Additionally, you will need the HMD (or Head Mounted Display) itself. IC.IDO supports the following professional/consumer devices:

  • HTC Vive or VivePro (link)
    • Desktop viewing using conventional PC input devices
    • Room scale immersive interaction using HTC Vive tracking and controllers (video)
  • Oculus Rift
    • Desktop viewing using conventional PC input devices
    • Immersive interactive use pending availability of Oculus touch and additional trackers
Hardware Requirements
Component Minimum (Desktop use) Recommended (HMD use)

1-2 cores

2 GHz

1-4 cores

3.6 GHz

GPU Quadro M5000 8GB

Quadro P6000 or

Quadro RTX6000

RAM 12 GB 32 - 64 GB
OS Win 10 64 Bit (Win 7 64 Bit) Win 10 64 Bit
Laptop Quadro M2000M Quadro P5000


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