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IC.IDO: leading industrial grade Virtual Reality solution

IC.IDO: leading industrial grade Virtual Reality solution

IC.IDO: THE Leading Immersive Virtual Reality Solution for Global Players

ESI Group presents IC.IDO, a powerful solution for agile High Fidelity Virtual Prototyping. Representing the cutting edge in Virtual Reality technology, IC.IDO provides a unique immersive product experience ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the product and its environment from early on in the process. The solution, tailor made for engineers, is easy to use and designed to handle large, complex data sets interactively and in real time. What makes IC.IDO's fidelity outstanding is the ability to combine realistic visualization, dynamic behavior and high efficiency, which leads the stakeholders involved in large-scale and capital-intensive manufacturing projects to make fast and reliable decisions at the right time.

Immersive Virtual Prototyping requires a faithful reproduction of reality. IC.IDO achieves this due to a well-balanced approach in the following dimensions:

  • Appearance: Get a perfect visual impression of how your product will look in its real size and environment
  • Behavior: Experience the dynamic behavior of your product and production devices to effectively validate the kinematic requirements
  • Interaction: Become an active participant within the Virtual Reality and intuitively interact within the virtual scene and with the model
  • Process: Perform and optimize complete assembly and service processes including equipment and human factor

Based on profound experience in industrial applications and virtual reality technology, IC.IDO forms a highly effective system to analyze, optimize, and validate every phase of digital product development. IC.IDO’s efficiency is characterized by:

  • Ease of Use: Operate with an intuitive desktop and immersive user interface that is tailored to the needs of engineers and decision makers
  • High-Performance: Eliminate idle time when loading or processing large and complex data sets
  • Fast Results: Walk rapidly from geometry input to experience analysis and decision-making

IC.IDO is THE industrial proven solution that generates real business value and competitive advantages for our worldwide customers, from small, to large, global players, and everyone in between.


What does the acronym IC.IDO stand for?

It is not an acronym or initialism. Instead it is a play on words

"I see, I do" or "Eye see, I do" as in what the eye sees and we visualize, we also take action with physically. It is a nod and wink to our ability to help engineers Visualize large CAD data sets with ease, Analyze accessibility/reachability/visisbility, and Synthesize human interaction.

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