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Technical Highlights #11: Evaluating Human Worker Ergonomics

In this video the ergonomics manikin (RAMSIS Digital Human Model) is positioned within an immersive service environment to evaluate accessiblity and visibility for performing maintanence and service tasks of an automobile. 

  • Interactive: While in immersion pose the human model intuitively instead of cumbersome mouse and keyboard instructions
  • Immersive: Easily translate your first person experience to poses and postures reasonable for the digital model
  • Physically based: RAMSIS Digital Human Models offer wide range of regional anthropometric databases

With the use of IC.IDO and IDO.Ergonomics-RAMSIS users can easily describe manikin position and movements either using typical keyboard and mouse from the desktop, or can work immersively to define the poses and postures for a wide range of anthropometries. Even synchronizing the head movement and visibility of the RAMSIS model to the view of the person in a head mounted display (HMD).

The availability of IDO.Ergonomics-RAMSIS is expected with the release of IC.IDO 11.2, later in 2017.


Technical Highlights #10: Validating tool clearance and accessibility with object snapping and collision handling

In this video object snapping and collision handling presented as useful methods to assist in the virtual validation of the accessiblity of a component and the required tooling used by technicians working with the components within the end product. 

  • Interactive: Grab and move tools intuitively in immersion
  • Correct: Use snapping for correct tool positioning with minimal preparation effort
  • Physically based: Use realtime physics simulation with collision handling for accessibility & clearance checks

With the use of IC.IDO and realtime physics, objects handled in virtual reality can be easily defined to snap with associated components or parts so that immersed engineers can easily determine if the tools used for assembly and service will facilitate easy access for installation or removal.


Technical Highlights #9: Automated Assembly Planning Prototype

In this video is a presentation of the outcome of the research project conducted by ESI North America and Oregon State University, with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) :

  • Automated Assembly Planning: Beginning with CAD input of complete assembly in final position
  • Intelligence: Prototype applies geometric reasoning, artificial intelligence, user guidance to automatically compute and animate immersive ready (VR) animation of assembly processes
  • Powerful: streamlined assembly planning 


Technical Highlights #8: Realtime Collision Handling

In this video it is presented how to apply Realtime Collision Handling with Multibody Physics Simulation for Efficient Disassembly Studies in IC.IDO:

  • Realistic: Interactively move parts with realtime collision handling
  • Clear: Get contact points highlighted visually
  • Physically based: Push away other objects, take into account flexible objects and gravity

Technical Highlights #7: Adding Plausible Illumination to Interactive VR Sessions

Learn from this video how to add plausible illumination to your interactive session in IC.IDO:

  • Ambient Occlusion: Quickly enhance visual realism
  • Global Illumination: Physically based shadows for increased reliability
  • Interactive: Quick preview during interaction, progressively refining when interaction ends
  • Adjustable: Apply color correction to resulting image

Technical Highlights #6: Quick Texturing in IC.IDO

Learn how to enrich your model quickly by adding different textures within IC.IDO:

  • No need for detours through 3rd party texturing tools
  • Interactively position your texture on the object, assisted by a 3D positioning gizmo
  • Significantly increase the visual realism of your model.

Technical Highlights #5: Adding an Environment in IC.IDO

This video demonstrates how you can easily add an environment to your model in IC.IDO:

  • Just a few clicks to create a new environment
  • Semi-automatic adjustment to the dimensions of your scenario
  • Immediately see realistic reflections on objects.

Technical Highlights #4: Simulation of Kinematic Chains

In this video, it is demonstrated how you can define and evaluate your kinematic chain within IC.IDO very easily:

  • Assisted: Automatic Axis detection for fast creation of rotational joints.
  • Intuitive: Direct support of closed kinematic chains.
  • Immediate: Interactively evaluate mechanism behavior at any time.


Technical Highlights #2: Fast Data Preparation

This video introduces 3 new and highly efficient tools for data preparation and optimization:

  • Split: Ungroup CAD geometries in individual parts for interaction and simulation.
  • Combine: Easy way of tweaking product structure for optimal performance.
  • Slice: Cut geometry with a plane, at any position.

Technical Highlights #1: Create and Simulate Elastic Components

Learn how to create elastic components in IC.IDO for fast and user friendly routing and real-time simulation of cables, hoses and wire harnesses:

  • Automatic Mode: Auto-detection of imported cable geometry and conversion into elastic components.
  • Sketching: Create cables and routing by sketching along existing geometry or by free 3D sketching.


These are useful, I look forward to seeing the rest of what you have planned for this area.

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