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Virtual Build - Assembly & Production

Virtual Build - Assembly & Production

Upon the release of the production intent product data, engineering, and optimizing production process plans for the new product takes on ever more complex engineering tasks, like the sourcing of production tooling, commissioning of facilties, and workforce planning-preparation for production launch. During prior product engineering tasks, the assumption is that production requirements and service requirements may trigger product design changes. Design For Manufacturing and Design For Service, activities undertaken during those early engineering integration reviews should yield benefits in terms of overall capability of the product to be made and supported, however now is the time to put that assumption to the test.

Installation of Hybrid Battery, tooling validation and evaluation: Image courtesy of Daimler

In the past, production pilots and prototype builds would have yielded much of the exporatory and development opportunity needed to effectively plan for the upcoming production launch. However, with the recent reliance on digital modelling instead of practical prototypes and piloting activities there is increase risk that production issues can go unobserved until production ramp-up. Such risk can be mitigated and removed as long as the new products can be appropriately modelled during the design and commissioning of the production tools, processes, and facilities. 

Validation of component wiring and hose routing for engine assembly; image courtesy of MAN Trucks


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Verififcation of tooling accessibility for battery installation: image courtesy of Volkswagen Group


I am putting together a business case for VR at my company and am looking for pricing for the different solutions IC IDO offers. Interested solutions for pricing are Virtual Build, Holistic Virtual Integration and DMU.


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@scottJohnson we have passed your inquiry on to our sales team. I hope that we get ahold of you shortly.

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