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Multibody Dynamics

Multibody Dynamics

What differentiates IC.IDO from MBD (Multi Body Dynamic) tools? 

Multi Body Dynamic tools use complex solvers to analyze the dynamic behavior of interconnected rigid or flexible bodies. On the one hand MBD is the established approach for high accuracy simulation in the field of dynamics. On the other hand, for the potential for high accuracy results the user needs to be a simulation specialist and has to invest in a substantial pre- and postprocessing effort. Different to IC.IDO’s solution MBD is calculated off-line and delivers a deterministic result. Thus, for one set of input parameters the solver calculates one set of output results which need to be analyzed to start another loop for improvement. Nevertheless, MBD has clear inherent limitations and risks.


  • MBD specialist is needed to operate the setup and analyze simulation.
  • Time consuming trial and error and manual editing, especially for complex scenarios.
  • Off-line simulation leads to time consuming, stepwise optimization loops.
  • No product experience at all – color plots and diagrams have to be used for understanding the process.

IC.IDO’s focus is on experiencing the dynamic behavior of interconnected rigid or elastic bodies and finally ensuring that the kinematic behavior meets the engineering proposal. The engineer can very easily and directly interact with the dynamic system, live and in real time. This kind of virtual hands-on test delivers fundamental insights in unbeatable speed. Especially in an early phase of development IC.IDO is the perfect tool for increasing the product maturity in the most effective way.


  • Best in class solver technology for real time calculation of rigid and elastic components.
  • No pre- and post-processing – interactive validation of the dynamic behavior, either it works or does not!
  • Easy to use – no dedicated simulation expert needed, engineer can investigate own product design directly.
  • Perfect immersive experience allowing any stakeholder to see the dynamic behavior live in action.

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