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Digital Mock Up (DMU)

Digital Mock Up (DMU)

What differentiates IC.IDO from classical DMU (Digital Mock Up) software?

Digital Mock Up (DMU) tools are designed as desktop applications that provide the groundwork for many evaluations of design in context like assembly/disassembly, collision detection and buildability checks. Using trial and error engineers can identify collision free paths points via collision highlighting. Also ergonomic analysis can be performed by programming static postures. Nevertheless, DMU has clear shortcomings:


  • Only specialists can handle the system correctly.
  • Time consuming trial and error and manual editing, especially for complex scenarios.
  • Limited product experience - no interaction, no 1:1 scale, no realistic behavior of tools and parts (e.g. flexible components).

Regarding appearance and behavior of the virtual prototype as well as the human interaction IC.IDO takes the classical DMU approach to the next level. The engineer can intuitively experience the virtual prototype getting a realistic impression of the product and its environment. The part can be grabbed and manually moved, no path programming required. Collision and sliding of components or even deformation for flexible parts is calculated in real time. Due to the excellent fidelity in IC.IDO errors can be detected faster and much easier compared to DMU.


  • State of the art solution for real-time validation of full products and large, complex scenarios.
  • Fast, efficient scenario creation and validation.
  • Agile – able to adopt to changes in real-time.
  • Unique immersive experience allowing any stakeholder to comprehend the scenario.

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