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Technical Highlights

Technical Highlights #9: Automated Assembly Planning Prototype

In this video is a presentation of the outcome of the research project conducted by ESI North America and Oregon State University, with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) :

  • Automated Assembly Planning: Beginning with CAD input of complete assembly in final position
  • Intelligence: Prototype applies geometric reasoning, artificial intelligence, user guidance to automatically compute and animate immersive ready (VR) animation of assembly processes
  • Powerful: streamlined assembly planning 


Technical Highlights #8: Realtime Collision Handling

In this video it is presented how to apply Realtime Collision Handling with Multibody Physics Simulation for Efficient Disassembly Studies in IC.IDO:

  • Realistic: Interactively move parts with realtime collision handling
  • Clear: Get contact points highlighted visually
  • Physically based: Push away other objects, take into account flexible objects and gravity

Technical Highlights #7: Adding Plausible Illumination to Interactive VR Sessions

Learn from this video how to add plausible illumination to your interactive session in IC.IDO:

  • Ambient Occlusion: Quickly enhance visual realism
  • Global Illumination: Physically based shadows for increased reliability
  • Interactive: Quick preview during interaction, progressively refining when interaction ends
  • Adjustable: Apply color correction to resulting image

Technical Highlights #6: Quick Texturing in IC.IDO

Learn how to enrich your model quickly by adding different textures within IC.IDO:

  • No need for detours through 3rd party texturing tools
  • Interactively position your texture on the object, assisted by a 3D positioning gizmo
  • Significantly increase the visual realism of your model.

Technical Highlights #5: Adding an Environment in IC.IDO

This video demonstrates how you can easily add an environment to your model in IC.IDO:

  • Just a few clicks to create a new environment
  • Semi-automatic adjustment to the dimensions of your scenario
  • Immediately see realistic reflections on objects.

Technical Highlights #4: Simulation of Kinematic Chains

In this video, it is demonstrated how you can define and evaluate your kinematic chain within IC.IDO very easily:

  • Assisted: Automatic Axis detection for fast creation of rotational joints.
  • Intuitive: Direct support of closed kinematic chains.
  • Immediate: Interactively evaluate mechanism behavior at any time.

Technical Highlights #3: Visualize Huge Amounts of Data

Learn how to conduct your engineering reviews in the context of the whole product:

  • Theoretically unlimited: Optimized data structure and dynamic streaming technology for visualization of huge amounts of geometry data.
  • Interactive: Realtime navigation and high interactivity for reviewing functionality.

Technical Highlights #2: Fast Data Preparation

This video introduces 3 new and highly efficient tools for data preparation and optimization:

  • Split: Ungroup CAD geometries in individual parts for interaction and simulation.
  • Combine: Easy way of tweaking product structure for optimal performance.
  • Slice: Cut geometry with a plane, at any position.

Technical Highlights #1: Create and Simulate Elastic Components

Learn how to create elastic components in IC.IDO for fast and user friendly routing and real-time simulation of cables, hoses and wire harnesses:

  • Automatic Mode: Auto-detection of imported cable geometry and conversion into elastic components.
  • Sketching: Create cables and routing by sketching along existing geometry or by free 3D sketching.


These are useful, I look forward to seeing the rest of what you have planned for this area.

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