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Pharmaceutical machinery leader Bausch + Stroebel uses Virtual Reality to gain efficiency in engineering processes

Pharmaceutical machinery leader Bausch + Stroebel uses Virtual Reality to gain efficiency in engineering processes

IC.IDO allows them to predict usability issues early in the development process

ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in Virtual Prototyping for manufacturing industries, announced the recent implementation of its Virtual Reality solution IC.IDO at Bausch + Stroebel, world leader in pharmaceutical packaging machinery. This recent deployment illustrates the capability of Virtual Reality to help industrial clients accelerate product development processes. This also demonstrates that Virtual Reality, now widely used by large companies across the automotive and aerospace sectors, can also be successfully implemented within smaller businesses of many industry types, including the pharmaceutical industry.

A midsize business, Bausch + Stroebel serves some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Bausch & Stroebel aim at delivering packaging machines providing the highest possible standard of precision, while offering the best production rates, and complying with exceptionally demanding industry regulations. They have customized their offer to match often complex customer demand: today, they individually design each machine produced for specific operations, which range from decontamination to cleaning, sterilizing, filling, closing, inspection, and many more.

Looking for solutions to gain efficiency in their engineering processes, Bausch + Stroebel have sought to find an alternative to the wooden full-size prototypes formerly required to assess assembly aspects and reachability for their machines. Today, they have invested in Virtual Reality to enable their engineers to immerse themselves in a 3D environment in which they can interact in real-time with a life-size CAD model. Using IC.IDO, ESI’s, Virtual Reality solution, engineers can simulate assembly & disassembly sequences of their machines, check the reachability of control elements, operate design reviews and predict possible ergonomic issues. Bausch + Stroebel have also identified the potential of Virtual Reality to share current and future models with their clients in an interactive way, so that the risk of misunderstanding can be eliminated as early as possible, and that developments can be comprehended by everyone - not just the technical staff. According to a recent survey by Bausch + Stroebel, 98% of their clients consider that Virtual Reality is an improvement compared to the previous CAD and wooden mock-ups they used to work from.

“Our IC.IDO Virtual Reality solution allows us to work with our customers to experience and to discuss the projected plants at an early stage. Customer-specific requirements can be tested and determined early, which results in shorter completion times” says Dr. Hagen Gehringer, CEO of Bausch + Stroebel.

By choosing the portable Virtual Reality system IC.Road, Bausch + Stroebel is also able to use this technology to demonstrate their products at trade shows. The system can be set-up in 45 minutes and provides an interactive environment to showcase existing and upcoming machines to potential clients.

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