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Automotive Supplier NEXTEER Virtually Validates Assembly Tools

Automotive Supplier NEXTEER Virtually Validates Assembly Tools

Before embarking on a journey to implement Virtual Reality engineering reviews into their engineering process, Nexteer Automotive relied on a mix of remote reviews with suppliers, follow-up on site inspection, and a requirement of receipt of new tools a full year in advance to assure that their motion control hardware would meet their automotive customers Start-of-Production (SoP) requirements. Challenges with design and validation of their sub-assembly workstations such as space claim, human-factors, and maintenance validation had to be addressed using CAD drawings plus imagination, or they would have to wait until a mock-up could be built. This left risk that the tool suppliers designs might leave the door open to miss deadlines, reduce quality, or drive up program costs - all unacceptable outcomes.

Instead of waiting for mock-ups or hard tooling to become available at the vendors sites, Manufacturing Engineers employed IC.IDO Virtual Build & Maintain to explore proposed tooling designs in VR. They could walk around, inspect, interact, even operate, the new sub-assembly operations long before the first parts were made or prototypes printed. In this manner they are able to now experience the new manufacturing stations and identify any undesirable or dangerous conditions in time to cost effectively adjust designs requirements. 

Read More: https://www.esi-group.com/company/customer-successes/catching-design-issues-early-vr-nexteer-automotive-leverages-virtual-reality-their-assembly 

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