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“Due to ESI Group’s disruptive virtual reality solution, IC.IDO, it was an easy decision for us to implement their software. It met the growing need for increasingly assertive virtual simulations generated by industry 4.0.”

Eric Beremis Baier Laia, Virtual Reality Specialist of MFG2020 

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"Working in an immersive virtual reality environment, thanks to ESI IC.IDO, enhances our understanding of complex manufacturing equipment and exposes potential issues, which can be corrected while still in the design stage."

Brad Price Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Nexteer Automotive

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"Virtual reality represents a technology of the future that will have an impact on the efficiency of our developments. The factory of the future is already here.”

Nicolas Lepape, Virtual & Augmented Reality R&T Project Manager Safran Nacelles

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"“ESI IC.IDO is a comprehensive approach to help us solve the time and quality issues during product development. With its powerful and user-friendly functions, our design team could complete the project with much higher efficiency. Most importantly, this immersive engineering tool brought us a very creative and innovative way of designing a product and we have gradually integrated it into our daily work.”

Nan GAO, Senior Product Manager, CRRC ZELC

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"With rapid data preparation in virtual reality workshops, powerful assembly functionalities and user friendliness, ESI’s IC.IDO proved to be the right choice for this collaboration. IC.IDO’s usability, physical calculation and real-time detection of parts colliding during the assembly process matched MAN’s needs. Not to mention, what previously took us two weeks can now be completed in just one day.”

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Franz Obermair, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

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"The Ford development process for vehicles is getting faster and faster. ESI’s Virtual Reality solution IC.IDO is an efficient tool to reduce the amount of prototypes and mock ups. We can build several virtual vehicles in much less time and at lower cost than the usual expensive and dated prototypes and fixtures. IC.IDO enables us to verify different design alternatives. It also allows us to conduct attribute assessments in earlier stages of the program and escalate and visualize of any issues, be they simple or very complex!”

Michael Wolf, Virtual Reality Supervisor at Ford

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"Using IC.IDO allowed us to detect numerous failures in our power station 3D mock-ups, before it was too late to halt the construction process. By identifying these kinds of critical mistakes, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe has avoided significant time loss, and the costly penalties we would have paid. The ROI of IC.IDO is indisputable. ESI helped Hitachi not only detect errors but actually prevent them."

K. Kastl, Head of technical IT at Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe

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"Virtual Reality is a fantastic technology providing the most interactive teaching experience possible. Not only does this new technology make learning fun, IC.IDO also enables the experimentation of real-life physics and the realistic rehearsal of maintenance procedures, without having to provide costly aircraft parts. Virtual Reality is ideal to keep up with the latest training data as it offers a greater reactivity with respect to frequent changes in aeronautic parts or processes."

Jérôme Verschave, Managing Director, AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine


"Our IC.IDO Virtual Reality solution allows us to work with our customers to experience and to discuss the projected plants at an early stage. Customer-specific requirements can be tested and determined early, which results in shorter completion times."

Dr. Hagen Gehringer, CEO of Bausch + Stroebel

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"Leveraging ESI’s leading Virtual Reality technology significantly helps us optimize our development processes. IC.IDO enables us to modify processes and developments collaboratively with our customers, with the common objective to improve on performance, enhance quality and decrease development time."

Gebhard Lehmann, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Management, of Herrenknecht AG

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"IC.IDO is a great tool to communicate technical content with every person involved in the decision making process, crossing borders internally and externally. Using IC.IDO in this project allowed us to meet our deadline and to deliver the expected quality in a lead time about 15% shorter than for other comparable projects."

P. Gabler, Engineering Project Manager at Gabler / T. Gabler, CEO of Gabler

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