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What is life at ESI

What is life at ESI

For those who enjoy working with top-notch Virtual Reality software and hardware ESI is one of the most exciting places to be in these times.

We operate at the cutting edge where research meets real-world requirements. We support our clients all over the world in shaping their future. Your clever idea can be next year’s big thing out on the market. 

Work at ESI: We develop a world-class Virtual Reality application, ship it to our customers and support them in leveraging our software to the fullest in their daily processes. We strive for an exceptional level of quality, innovation and commitment in what we do by ensuring that all of our teams – product management, research and development, pre-sales, sales and consulting – work together hand in hand towards a common goal. It is our culture of collaboration that enables us to live up to our client’s highest expectations and we have a blast doing it.

People: We attract some really smart folk to work with us and we also manage to get them to stick around. That’s why we have a lot of know-how and expertise in-house. With all this experience, there’s always something new to learn close by. Aside from being smart, our colleagues are really likable guys, open and relaxed. We come from many different countries, many different cultures. We are a curious folk, to us new means interesting. We embrace diversity, see it as a strength and foster it as an integral part of our culture and our success.

Work-Life-Balance: As much as we all enjoy what we do for a living, it’s not all work, work, work here at ESI. There’s plenty of leisure activities away from the office: off-site company activities have included go-karting, climbing, barbeques and of course phenomenal and rememberable Christmas parties. But also aside from company-spon sored events we  hang-out together after work a lot – be it for visits to the movies, sports activities or just grabbing a beer after work. For us being a team does not end at the office door.

The Culture: We support a stable, supportive environment with flat hierarchies. Our management is informal and approachable. Everybody on our team is openly encouraged to give their feedback and input. Every colleague is expected to take responsibility to make a noticeable impact on our product, our customers and the industry. We want to push the boundaries of what’s possible in virtual reality day by day; and we want to do it properly – so we do not subdue ourselves to long periods of crunch time, but we follow a long term strategy to maintain and strengthen our leadership on the VR market.

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