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What drives us

What drives us

We are sharing with our customers the passion for excellence in innovation. Our field of excellence is Virtual Reality and the IC.IDO team at ESI Group truly believes that our commitment to excellence translates into a unique solution that sets the bar for Virtual Reality solutions around the world. IC.IDO is certain of the power of immersive VR as an unique tool to intuitively experience innovative products in their environments.

We strive to develop:

  • The most efficient way for engineers to tap this power fostering faster and higher innovation.
  • Leading edge technologies to enhance the fidelity of VR to make better decisions.

Since the late 1990s IC.IDO has been pioneering the development of an industrial grade Virtual Reality solution to enable manufacturing organization around the globe them to clearly communicate design intent, freely experiment at marginal costs and thoroughly analyze the design in all its facets early on in the  product development process.

What differentiates us?

Having spearheaded the development of Virtual Reality for more than 15 years we feel strong about what solutions we deliver and the how we develop them. Why is that? The product operations team at IC.IDO understands that innovative and solid software is the result of sound processes and development standards. In our opinion there is limited value in innovative software that does not cope with real-life deployment requirements. Thus we are constantly striving to build our solution in a way that they operate well under such conditions and that our users do enjoy their work with IC.IDO.

So engineers at IC.IDO not only are exposed to one of the most fascinating technologies but they also learn how to develop such solutions in a professional software development environment that follows state of the art process models and development standards. 

What matters to us?

We appreciate and foster individual creativity and diversity. At the very same time we are living a culture of mutual respect and ambition to succeed that sets the framework for strong and professional team play. We seek people that want to change the world for engineers and creative people, people that desire to innovate. At the very same time we believe that not one person can succeed on its own. Therefore we seek people that understand that professional processes and standards are important to succeed as a team, i.e. we value highly talented individuals that appreciate and live up to professional standards and teamwork

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