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Virtual Build for Commercial Vehicle and Transportation

Virtual Build for Commercial Vehicle and Transportation

Optimization and safeguarding of assembling processes.

The assembling stages of a product are validated virtually. The manufacturability of the product is evaluated and ergonomic concerns with the assembling procedure are assessed. The feasibility and effectiveness of tooling and fixtures are evaluated based.

The ergonomic considerations for manufacturing and assembly are assessed virtually. Proposed changes are evaluated before they are put into place. Multiple solutions are evaluated interactively to determine the best course of action.

A complete representation of a factory floor and proposed changes are presented. The effect of those changes on material flow, space claim, and building infrastructure can be examined and validated.

  • Cost reduction by providing a high-grade substitute for physical prototypes by providing a holistic virtual prototype.
  • Reduction of planning times with simultaneous increasing of planning certainty by virtual review and validation of clearance issues and tool operation
  • Accelerating time to volume as adequacy of tooling is verified before ramp up
  • Reuse of standard tools and less rework of tooling to reduce the costs for special tools development
  • Higher throughput/shorter cycle time due to improved tooling ergonomics
  • Accelerating time to volume/faster ramp up as staffed is fully trained virtually upfront
  • Increase product maturity and decrease rework costs by earliest possible proof of feasibility

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