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Product acceptance procedure and ECE-Homologation

Product acceptance procedure and ECE-Homologation

Product Safety Audit

The evaluation of the safe operation of a product includes access and egress, identifying potential trip points, and common operability tasks.
Operator visibility, visibility to critical areas both on the product and in the worksite is evaluated from the operator’s viewpoint accounting for the operator’s range of motion. Multiple concepts can be easily evaluated and compared based on visibility criteria.

  • Ensure the worker safety by workflow validation and preventive familiarization
  • Reduce cost and time for homologation process using virtual product representation instead of real products
  • Reduce time for acceptance procedure due to shorter reaction time after change requests

Human factors and Ergonomics of products in use and during production or service of the product is a time consuming practice that usually only occurs once the product has been released for production and practical prototypes along with production intent tooling is available. Waiting until production environments are available is too long to wait to address these issues. Pilot halls and pre-series production are common workarounds to this shortcoming, however with increase time to market pressure and the recognized need to minimize cost of pre-series production while still addressing the needs of the product in design.

User and operator visibility in operation and service of new products, evaluate from first-person experience or third-person analytics (image VW)

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