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Virtual Engineering for Aeronautics and Aerospace

Virtual Engineering for Aeronautics and Aerospace

Virtual Engineering: get actively engaged with your Virtual Prototype in a truly realistic way from the very earliest stages of design to safeguard the engineering process for optimal designed products.

Data review:

  • Multiple domain product validation as early as possible and collaborative problem identification and resolution.
  • Cost reduction by providing a high-grade substitute for physical prototypes by providing a holistic virtual prototype.
  • Improving product quality and speed-up maturity by fast creation of a joint product and problem understanding.

Product Feasibility and Operability:

  • Accelerating time-to-market and on-time delivery by frontloading of engineering activities
  • Speed-up product maturity and decrease rework costs by earliest possible proof of feasibility and operability
  • Massive rework cost reduction by enabling early error identification and efficient decision making
  • Reduction of process validation times by interactive simulation of parts and mechanisms and the ability to perform ad-hoc changes during a meeting

Operability and functionality:

  • Compliance of minimum clearances and accessibility during usage and operation of the product
  • Reducing injuries and unnecessary discomfort
  • Guarantee and increase of customers perceived product quality

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