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Virtual Reality for Aerospace and Aeronautics Build and Service

How does IC.IDO help OEMs to increase significantly their competitive advantage?

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most promising technology investments for gaining a competitive advantage during the complete product engineering process (PEP) by providing a collaborative and interactive product experience. IC.IDO is used by engineers within the stages preliminary and detailed design, together with system integrators and operators during manufacturing & assembly or by service specialists in order to ensure product maintainability early on.

Part of ESI Group’s Virtual Product Engineering portfolio, IC.IDO provides an exceedingly powerful solution combining high-end visualization and real-time simulation of product behavior in its actual size, and allows product operation very close to reality. The solution was created between ESI industry experts and customers. By visualizing 3D data in IC.IDO, decision-makers in various industrial sectors are able to handle multi-discipline, multi-level and multi-site capital intensive decision processes in the best imaginable conditions.

Major aerospace companies such as Airbus, AVIC, Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, Rheinmetall and their suppliers, like Safran Nacelles, use IC.IDO to:

  • Perform intuitive product experience early in the process,
  • Reduce turnaround time by enabling design for serviceability,
  • Optimize assembly / disassembly sequences,
  • Verify resources and tooling, support documentation and visualize workflow.

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