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Enter into the world of Immersive Engineering

Enter into the world of Immersive Engineering

How and where can I interact with engineering data in Virtual Reality?

The real power of Immersive Engineering through Virtual Reality is something that requires hands-on experience to believe. ESI is planning a series of regional demo days and road shows showcasing the power of Virtual Reality applied to Holistic Virtual Integration of CAD design products. Use the links below to find where in your region you can see Virtual Reality in action:

Find out where you can see IC.IDO in action.

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At SIGGRAPH you can connect with hundreds of experts across key topics, including virtual and augmented reality, AI and deep learning, self-driving cars, and more.  

We'll be onsite in the NVIDIA Display #403 where we will make a presentation featuring our "Best of GTC" talk about bringing HUGE engineering datasets to HMDs and performing live demos of that same dataset.

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