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Head Mounted Displays for Virtual Engineering

Head Mounted Displays power immersive engineering verification during engineering and design


Head mounted displays (HMD) for virtual reality are big news lately, with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, at the forefront. Gaming, social media, movies, and music are all pivoting to ride this latest crest of the HMD hype cycle. However, with the increased accessibility of these devices, we are also seeing a similar rise in interest in bringing HMD to industrial use. Many CAD and FEA providers are racing to find a way to leverage the technology, but many end up being little more than a monitor that you strap to your face. At ESI we have already been applying Virtual Reality to industrial uses for years. Traditionally used to drive projection system Powerwalls or CAVEs, our latest release will now be applied to these consumer and professional class HMD.

With IC.IDO version 11.0, a new ImmersiveDesktop application is being offered as part of a Virtual Reality for Engineering bundle. With this HMD bundle, IC.IDO users will be able to conduct immersive simulation of the assembly, disassembly, servicability, and accessibility of their products at full scale-not just as a 2-D projection on their desktop monitor. Engineers will have the power to import CAD models and simulate their models using real time physics computed solid mechnics modelling. Interacting with their math models naturally with their hands, not just mouse and keyboard. Create immersive virtual reality replayable media, and even collaborate with others who are using immersive systems elsewhere.

The IC.IDO HMD bundle will enable users to:

  • Experience their CAD models in an immersive environment on HMD 
  • Interact with their designs in immersive virtual reality using hands and arms from a first person view 
  • Simulate solid mechanics behavior in real time, with continuous simulation
  • Visualize collisions between solid objects during interactive assembly, disassembly, or service
  • Create animated immersive Virtual Reality content for playback in future immersive sessions
  • Participate in multi-user and/or multi-site reviews of shared immersive sessions 

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