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Virtual Build for Automotive

Virtual Build for Automotive

Since its inception in 2010 IC.IDO has realized tremendous successes with its customers in Virtual Build. Virtual Builds enables OEMs to validate and optimize the (final) assembly process in a completely virtual environment representing the product, the processes and the production systems in great detail. Despite the extensive scope typical scenarios are created in less than a day delivering the required results in time for decision making. Realizing more efficient processes, with greater robustness for superior quality at less critical workload for the shop floor workers represent a huge value for OEMs.

In a Virtual Build scenario all strong points and unique capabilities are coming into play:

  • Outstanding interactive visualization performance – there is no other tool on the market that allows to visualize the same amount and complexity of product and production system data interactively in real-time. Interactivity is key as such scenarios are dynamic and the audience must be able to engage with the virtual world in the very same or even higher degree of freedom than the real world.
  • Real-time simulation of rigid and flexible part behavior – To understand and validate the manufacturability of a certain component at a given step in the process requires realistic behavior of the component in its context, i.e. a component can only be moved along a collision free path and hoses, cables or harnesses behave realistically under gravity. Furthermore handling devices with complex kinematics or special tooling is properly represented so that there is no room for interpretation but a clear statement about feasibility.
  • Modelling of processes – from a process engineering perspective one wants to model and validate the entire sequence and resolve dependencies to optimize the process in its specific production system context. IC.IDO allows freely orchestrating sequences and running multiple scenarios swiftly to determine the optimal solution for a given plant.

All in all IC.IDO’s Virtual Build solution provide an unique solution to efficiently validate and optimize the (final) assembly process virtually, i.e. earlier, faster and cheaper.


Im working as a validation engineer

Need solution for conducting virtual assembly of car parts for assessing the operator skill.
Need to conduct skill competition

What you are describing as "skill competition" is not the ideal use for IC.IDO, whose purpose is Engineering Validation of the new/upcoming product in assembly or service processes as those processes are still being defined. This favors engineering applications like ours where the complete CAD data can be used in the interaction and not "Game-ified" CAD that is optimized for GAMES.

To serve as a platform for competition, the process and the product are assumed to be no longer volatile or likely to change. And therefore not reliant on using upto date and often times changing CAD data. Building up a game for competition is likely what you want more than an engineering decision platform like what we aim for with IC.IDO which began it's life as a "Visual/Virtual Decision Platform".

When your enterprise is ready to apply VR outside of playtime or competitions, but instead to serve as your Virtual Pilot Plant for future products without needing to wait for expensive construction of physical mockup, then IC.IDO is more likely to serve your requirements.

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